The Bourne Rivulet, Hampshire, Dry Fly fFshing
The Bourne Rivulet rises at St Mary Bourne and joins the Test near Whitchurch. It is best known because of much loved book - Harry Plunket Greene’s Where the Bright Waters Meet - which describes in lyrical terms the author’s love affair with this magical stream and its surprisingly large brown trout. Visitors often stop at Plunket Greene’s grave next to the river in Hurstbourne Priors to pay their respects before fishing, and perhaps tuck an Iron-blue dun (Plunket Greene’s favourite fly) into the lichen on the cross that marks his grave, already covered in flies and fly boxes left by previous pilgrims.
The water in the Bourne can be so clear that fish seem to be hanging in air as you approach them, and you can count the spots on the flank of the fish you want to catch. This is not for those that like it easy – the fish sometimes appear to have eyes in the back of their heads – but for the connoisseur looking for large wild brown trout, the Bourne Rivulet still offers some of the best fly fishing in the country.

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